💸Send Payments

Pay your users out with SMILE and add their transaction to the blockchain

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1. Render SmileSendButton

The SmileSendButton will needed to be rendered by the front-end client adjacent to your submit button and will take a callback function to fire the specified request to your server.

  callback={yourCallback} (The SmileSend button should call your payout endpoint)


2. Send Transaction

Simply call:

# Python example
send_status = smilecoin.api.send(<payload>)

and pass the payload outlined below. If receive_status['status']==201 and the method does not throw an exception, the transaction has been successfully completed and your player's SMILE funds have reached their wallet. You can check receive_status['message'] for success/error messages.


Note: this is a fully secure flow on the SDK side, but it may have the potential to be manipulated through security holes in your platform. For this reason, we will conduct a security audit on this workflow in your application prior to activating your production key.

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