Integration with exchanges allows for fiat/crypto swaps and spot trading

Spot Trading

The SDK programmatically executes fee-free spot trades through MEXC and BitMart to fund payouts from your platform. The SDK then securely sends the SMILE to your player's Algorand wallet, and the blockchain transaction gives them automatic access to the Smile Coin Network, which offers rich play incentives leading to increases in revenue by as much as 1000%.

By integrating directly with exchanges we are able to ensure that network platforms keep as much revenue as possible, unlike others who hide fees in trading spreads. As a result, and due to Algorand's incredibly low transaction fees, we are able to charge only 0.25-0.5% per payment transaction, 90% less than PayPal (yuck).


The Smile Coin SDK allows you to send payments funded with USDT, and automatically converts your Smile Coin revenue back to USDT--our protocol allows your business to realize revenue in stablecoin, while reaping all of the benefits of the Smile Coin Play&Earn protocol as an intermediary.


The SDK protocol impacts the $SMILE price through aforementioned automated spot trading, which results in a 6-81% net bid surplus per network transaction. This means that in a speculation-free market, the price of $SMILE will rise by 6-81% of gross transaction volume (GTV) per day. Now, of course, crypto markets are not free of speculative traders, but the SDK protocol results in a bid/ask differential that puts steady upward pressure on the SMILE/USDT pair.

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