Smile Coin SDK employs cutting edge malicious actor detection, along with industry-leading blockchain engineering. Security is our #1 priority.

Blockchain Security

As a team of 10+ engineers and security analysts, we have seen it all, and our engineering practices reflect the lessons we've learned (sometimes the hard way). One of the inevitabilities of Web3 is that code is exposed in the browser. As a result, ensuring real-time settlement while maintaining 100% transaction authenticity is a problem all Web3 platforms are forced to face.

This challenge led us to develop and productionize an innovative web-to-server communication protocol with an embedded blockchain firewall in order to prevent accidental and malicious behavior. If you're a whitehat developer and want to learn more, feel free to reach out 🙏

On top of our core application infrastructure we have another bespoke firewall suite, including WAF, DDoS, CDN, which combined with AWS WAFs results in 3 distinct firewall layers. All of our servers run in highly secure private cloud orchestrations and our dogs aren't even allowed to look when we type in passwords.

Interested in working with us? Email [email protected].


We are proud to partner with BlockRank, who use graph theory and linear algebra to detect network anomalies. These insights allow our system to catch unwanted behavior before it becomes a problem.

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